The Importance of Your Car’s Suspension

The suspension of your car is responsible for smoothing out the driving experience and keeping your car in control during turns and uneven terrain. This is possible due to it maximizing the friction between the tyres and the road to provide handling and steering ability. The suspension limits the impact of terrain from affecting the passengers of the car. It also limits the impact of terrain or gravity from affecting the internal components of the vehicle.

The suspension system, contrary to popular belief, is not just a couple of springs attached to the wheels. It is made of the chassis that holds the cab of the car, the springs that reduce excess energy from terrain shocks and absorb weight, and the additional components of shock absorbers and struts. There is also the anti-sway bar that shifts the movement of the wheels and gives stability to the vehicle.

Car Suspension Repairs

Worn suspensions are a safety risk as they reduce stability and driver control. They are as important as brakes and worn components of the suspension will accelerate wear on the other components as well.

When to Look for a Suspension Repair Centre

Here are a few signs that suggest that your suspension system needs repairs:

  • Rough Drive: When your struts or shock is wearing thin, you will start to appreciate each bump on the road deeply. So will your back. It is time to get the bouncy and jerky car to a suspension repair station.
  • Drifting: Unlike the drifting you see in movies, a failing suspension system will no longer keep your vehicle’s body stable against the centrifugal force during a turn. This increases the risk of your vehicle toppling over.
  • Nose diving: A worn shock will cause your vehicle body to lurch forward and downward during hard braking. A bad suspension will reduce braking ability as well, increasing stop time up to 20 per cent.
  • Uneven tyre treads: If you notice certain tyre treads getting worn down more than the others, or balding spots, it might be time to visit a suspension repair shop. The suspension might not be holding the car evenly, which results in uneven pressure on the tires.
  • Oily Shocks: If your shocks or struts are looking oily or greasy when you look under your car, there is a good chance that they are leaking fluid. Time for a shocking replacement!

If you suspect a poor suspension system but haven’t noticed any of the above symptoms, you can try this simple test. Press down on the front of your vehicle (parked vehicle) with all your weight a few times and then release. Do the same for the rear. If your car continues to rock or bounce more than 3 times after release, the suspension is wearing thin.

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