How Often Should You Check the Brakes of Your Car

No one disputes the fact that brakes are crucial. Everybody understands that brakes are one of the most important components of a car. But you can find people drive around in their vehicles with subpar brakes that squeak or give them inadequate braking. The slow degradation of brakes can lull most people into a feeling of adequacy when it comes to braking.

A Brake Primer

Brake and Clutch Repair

Unlike drum brakes of yore, most brakes you see in modern vehicles are disc brakes. When you apply the brake pedal, a set of callipers with pads squeeze the disc and slow down your vehicle by creating friction with the rotor. This is a hydraulic system and is dependent on the steady flow of brake fluid for smooth operation.

A brake system consists of several moving parts, and if any of these components are flawed, the entire system will fail. Brake pads are the common culprits of braking performance as they wear out over time. A fully worn brake pad can create additional problems like damaging the rotor. Repairing or replacing damaged component as soon as possible prevents future damage to connected components.

How Location Matters

It is not apt to compare the two simultaneously installed brakes on two vehicles which are used in two different locations. The longevity of brakes depends on the frequency of its use and you shouldn’t trust people who say that your brake will last ‘x’ number of years. Frequent stopping, starting, slowing, and swerving can add extra stress on your brakes and wear them down quickly. This is especially true for high traffic areas like in cities. Brakes of vehicles used in less congested areas generally tend to last far longer.

It is not unreasonable to get your brakes checked with every oil change, especially with aggressive drivers. A good rule of thumb would be to have your brakes checked every six months. Only be vigilant of a few tell-tale warning signs that approach the impending doom of your brakes.

The Warning Signs

Here are a few signs that suggest you need to visit a good clutch and brake repairs mechanic right away to get your brakes fixed:

  • The Brake light: If this comes on, go get it checked right away as it can suggest low brake fluid or a problem with a brake component.
  • Stop times get longer: We humans tend to adapt. When brakes start losing its ability to quickly bring your vehicle to rest, most of us offset the lack of braking with early braking or aggressive braking. Don’t do this; there might come a situation where no matter how early you start braking or how hard you push the pedal, the vehicle won’t stop to prevent a collision.
  • Vibration and Squealing sounds: This could allude to a brake pad issue or an alignment problem. Sounds suggest that the brake pads are wearing thin.

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